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I always try to keep my eyes open for interesting game-related research happening in the academic AI world, and this week a project called ANGELINA is getting a lot of people excited – myself included.

Michael Cook is a PhD candidate at Imperial College in the UK, and has been working on designing an AI that can design games. This is a topic I find fascinating, and something I’ve actually messed around with personally in the past – but never really had the free time to pursue on any sort of deep level. It’s fantastic to see that someone is working on this problem legit, and I can’t wait to see where he takes this in the future.

I’m particularly excited about the fact that the output of his research is an actual product that people can play with, interact with, and think about. A lot of game-related research stops short of taking this step, and it really raises the barrier of entry for a dude like me. I’ll definitely be playing close attention to ANGELINA moving forward!

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