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The theme for this month’s Experimental Gameplay Project is: Mashup. I decided to combine Tetris and Bookworm, which are two of my personal favorite

You really need a physical mouse for this one, it’s probably tough with a trackpad. You use WASD to control the falling pieces, and then you left click and drag over letters to make words. Spell longer words to maximize your score.

Click the image below to play:

More Details

I made this game in two evenings after work. The first night I implemented all of the basic mechanics and gameplay, and then on night two I “made graphics”, wrote a song, and added some UI and instructions.

I used the Unity engine with Visual Studio, Garageband on my iPad for music, sfxr for sound effects, and Paint.NET for the graphics.

I think this game idea has a lot of potential, although the current input scheme is pretty brutal. Running two very different input schemes at once is kind of cool, but will probably be a nightmare for “non gamers”. I think the basic idea is fun though, and I actually had fun playtesting – so that’s always a good sign.

If I had spent more time on BookWormTris, then there are some definite improvements that can be made. June was a busy month for me though, and I didn’t have a chance to spend more than a few hours on this one. Maybe I’ll come back to it someday, tune it up a little.

Source Code

You can download the full Unity project here!

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  • Marat Subkhankulov July 22, 2011, 11:28 am

    Nice game. Got me replaying atleast 3 times after I told myself not to

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