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This page is an index of some personal projects that I’ve worked on in my spare time. Most include full source code, unless I used middleware that makes releasing source a pain:

48 Hour (or other Small) Games

HeroTest – My MiniLD 25 entry, theme: ‘The Worst Game I Have Ever Made’. It’s a Portal-inspired sci-fi adventure that I’m really proud of! This game produced a lot of hate mail.

The Fifth Zombie – Sort of an interactive ‘choose your own adventure’ that I made with my buddy Greg. I think the story is solid and Greg’s art is awesome.  Experimental Gameplay Project theme: Story Game.

Chance of a Lifetime – A sad game about a lonely UFO photographer. Experimental Gameplay Project theme: Zoom.

guessipediaBannerGuessipedia – A trivia game based on identifying random Wikipedia articles.

Upgrade: The Card Game – A card game that I originally made in middle school. Experimental Gameplay Project theme: Upgrade.

BookWormTris – A mashup of Bookworm and Tetris, two of my personal favorites. Experimental Gameplay Project theme: Mashup.


wordfall – A very simple JavaScript browser typing game.

Unity3D Scripts, Extensions, etc.

MiniDungeon – Creates a procedurally generated dungeon/maze.

RunJumpShoot – Want to create a canabalt-style game in Unity? This will help you get started.

Progress – Want Xbox360-style achievement or PS3-style trophies in your Unity game? Check out this project.

Some Simple AI Behaviors – Example of how to implement three common AI behaviors in Unity – wandering, following, patrolling.

Armory – A simple stat/equipment/buff/debuff framework.

Playmaker Bomb – Simple explosive bomb made with the awesome Playmaker extension for Unity.