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I’ve spoken at conferences and schools over the past few years, whenever I feel like I have something worthwhile to say. Recently I’ve spoken at the Game Developers Conference and AIIDE (AI for Interactive Digital Entertainment). I love talking about game AI, programming, and the development process.

Here are some recent talks I’ve done:

  • AIGameDev.com Masterclass – Anticipation for Animation and Behavior (link)
  • There’s Treasure Everywhere: Game Development Wisdom From Outside My Comfort Zone (WPI IMGD Seminar) (link)
  • Suspending Disbelief: Bringing Characters to Life with Better AI (GDC 2010) (link)
  • Where AI and Animation Converge (AIIDE 2009, Stanford) (link)
  • Characteristics of Games and Intelligence (WPI IMGD Seminar) (link)

… and some interviews:

  • Cyberpets: All Creatures Great and Virtual (The Independent newspaper, UK) (link)
  • Blue Fang Talks Bringing Animals To Life With AI, Animation Collaboration (Gamasutra) (link)
  • Game Plan: WPI arms students for the videogame wars and prepares a new weapon: a dedicated major (WPI Transformations) (link)

If you’re interested in hearing something that I may have to say, feel free to get in touch!