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The Fifth Zombie

Here’s a small game that I made with my buddy Greg called The Fifth Zombie. I had the idea for this story while brainstorming puzzles for Hero Test, and the Experimental Gameplay Project theme for this month (Story Game) seemed to fit it perfectly. It’s not super interactive, but I think the story idea is solid and Greg’s art is awesome (check out his blog here). We were really trying to play up the theme a lot, and make it feel like a storybook being written as you play. It’s part video game, part ‘choose your own adventure’, part comic book/graphic novel.

Play The Fifth Zombie right in your browser by clicking the image below. Make sure to have your speakers on.

You can also download the game for Windows here or Mac here.


The Fifth Zombie was developed with Unity3D and my friend Alex’s awesome Playmaker plugin. I used Paint.NET to hack out crappy placeholder graphics and the main menu. Greg used Manga Studio and Photoshop to make the good graphics throughout the rest of the game. I used Audacity and my iPad to make most of the audio.

We talked about making this game for a lot of September. We threw ideas around and did a quick two-screen test prototype early on, but didn’t get time to work on  The Fifth Zombie legit until a few days before the deadline. All things considered I think it’s a solid experience, and I’m proud of it. When The Fifth Zombie was done, I had fun playing it – and that’s always a good sign. Hopefully if you’re reading this, you had fun with it too!

Some Links

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Make sure to play Story Hero, my favorite entry. This is an AWESOME idea I wish I had thought of.

And here’s the Fifth Zombie thread on the Unity3D forums.

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  • marcos January 9, 2014, 4:53 am

    hello would make a tuto on how you made this project or to reposition it down?

    • Steve January 9, 2014, 1:51 pm

      Hi. I would make the project available for download, but pretty much the entire thing was made with Playmaker for Unity which requires purchase. Everything else is basically just images and buttons.

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